Help us reach the Jamboree!

Just to be clear, we aren’t selling cookies. At least not yet at any rate, but stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s an update on our project:

We wrapped shooting back in April, and I couldn’t possibly be pleased with how things have turned out. When our original location fell through earlier in the year I was feeling some anxiety, but with the steady, unwavering support of our crew and producer Kieran, we kept moving forward and things came together. Now we’re currently working on getting a rough cut of the film and searching for just the right music. We’ve also been collecting and organizing media and creating marketing materials (like this website) in anticipation for submission to several film festivals later this year. We’ve also been sharing photos from behind the scenes over at the Facebook page, which if you haven’t seen yet, we’d love to have you like and follow us over there. We’ll also have a Twitter account up and running soon, if that’s your social platform of choice, so follow there as well.

More information will be posted soon, thanks for visiting!